Construction Manager Solutions

Benefits Of Using EADOC

Save time

  • Reduces turn-around time for RFI’s, submittals, and change orders
  • Eliminates redundant data entry for schedule of values, pay requests, and contract change requests

Improve accountability across the project team

  • EADOC automatically time and date stamps every document action
  • You can configure alerts to notify you of outstanding documents

Save money

  • Eliminate the cost of printing, logging and shipping paper documents across the project team

Give your clients the access they want

  • You can configure the application for each project or program to you meet your clients’ requirements
  • Whether it’s the ability to review high-level financial reports, or approve change orders and pay requests, you control the access
  • When the project is complete, EADOC maintains all the linked relationships between the project’s documents, communications, and costs—leaving a rich, electronic archive that can be used by your client for future operations and maintenance

“EADOC addresses the need for immediate access to information. The web-based platform is great because you don’t need to be right there in your office to tap into your files. You can respond and receive information wherever you are.”
– Gregory Chelini, VP of Construction Management, MNS Engineers

Download the EADOC product data sheet.

Every client has different requirements, yet they all demand that you deliver projects on time and within budget, every time. With EADOC, you get unprecedented control of project documents and finances, and the ability to bring together your entire project team.

As a cloud-based solution with an unlimited number of users, your entire project team—from Contractors and Architects to Inspectors and Consultants—can effortlessly exchange project documents and communications. As more users are brought on to the system, the efficiency of the project team increases—but not the cost.

All information is automatically tracked in centralized database, allowing for greater accountability controls and reporting. And EADOC adapts to your existing work flow and business processes, instead of trying to force you to change.