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Archive for July, 2012

True Collaboration requires connecting the entire supply chain

Friday, July 13th, 2012

For construction project teams to reap the benefits of collaboration they need to connect the entire team electronically to ensure project information exchange is quick and efficient. With a truly collaborative application participants need to be able to manage permissions for their own subs and staff and control the flow of information. Participants also need the ability to create their own reports, set alerts and customize dashboards as if they were the owner of the application. The key control being participants only see the information they have access to in the reports and dashboards.

No one on the project should be manually tracking information. A supplier should be able to upload submittals directly in the system. The submittals need to follow the contractual requirements of going to the sub contractor for review, then to the general, then to the owner or Architect/Engineer who can then send them to their sub consultants if required. As this information travels through the team participants can review and determine if the submittal can proceed to the next reviewer or be rejected.

Manufacturing has been doing this for years and calls it a connected supply chain. To connect the entire team the application can not be sold on a user license basis as this would defeat the intent of collaboration. The vendors pricing model should promote users to be added, as the more users on the system the bigger benefit to the client and the entire team.

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