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Archive for April, 2012

Managing construction project data is more then forms and reports

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Today project management application are more then just forms and reports they need to allow users to establish relationships between relevant project information. Standard construction management applications would allow Shop Drawings to be linked to Specifications and Design Drawings as a reference. This was great 20 years ago, but today users need to see every RFI, Change Order, Design Clarification and field inspection linked to the drawing I am about to review and I need to be able to use it for navigation and see it in real time. These are the needs of today’s project participants and EADOC construction project management application is delivering. Not only can I see every document and communication related to my Risk item but I can display it in a relationship diagram.
EADOC document relationship diagram

By enabling users to quickly find the information they need when they need it EADOC is reducing project costs and delays allowing our clients to deliver their projects faster and for less.