Top 5 Benefits of Construction Project Management Software

Top 5 Benefits of Construction Project Management Software

A construction project is a big undertaking – requiring time, energy, money, and resources.  There never seems to be enough time to manage them all.  Combining the power of the internet with new software technologies has made an easier way.  Collaborative computer programs are now available specifically for construction project management.   This type of software enables everyone involved with the construction project (such as contractors, engineers, architects and facility owners) to be on the same page and have up-to-date information on the project, not just for their specific roles. Organizing all of this data can be a pain and can quickly become very unorganized without the proper software.  That’s when you need web based construction project management software.  Here are 5 benefits to make sure your new software has before you purchase.

1. Construction Project Management Software Should Allow for Quick Solutions to Time Consuming Tasks
With web based construction project management applications information is instantly updated providing instant access for your entire team.  Your project information should travel through your defined work flows ensuring the right information is provided to each project participant. Wireless technologies enable your field staff to receive instant updates and provide field information back to the office.  This is especially useful for instantly uploading pictures or video files on-site of the project so that everyone involved in your construction project can be on the same page.

2. Web based project management solutions should be configurable to meet your Construction Management requirements
Construction management software can be used (and is incredibly helpful) in all aspects of the construction management process because the applications provide an easy, all-inclusive, multi-reference point for all of your information on a project.  A correctly configured application reduces training time, improves cost savings and delivers the benefits you expect

3. Construction Project Management Software should be easy to use
A construction project, has many professions involved spanning multiple industries. But a program would be pointless and useless if those who needed to use the software found it difficult to work with.  The good news is that it is very easy to find a web based construction management program that is easy to use so that those working spend less time on learning a new piece of software and have more time for the construction project at hand. The application should be easy to setup and training should be completed in several hours meaning everyone can be on board right away, and team members can instantly get to work repeating the benefits of the application.

4. Customized Construction Project Management Software Eliminates Time Wasted on Useless Features Your Business Will Never Use
Every aspect of this type of software can be customized to fit the individual needs of each client or project team individually.  Labels, files, sections, fields and forms should all be configured within the program to best suit the needs of the individual project. Each building project is unique and the software that helps to manage it should also be unique so that all aspects of the program correspond to the tasks at hand and cutting out useless or irrelevant aspects.

5. Having a Secure Construction Management System Means You Can Spend More Time Focused on Your Projects
All your important and sensitive information being stored in these applications and accessed over the internet means you will need to ensure your software vendor has taken adequate security measures. Those using an online project management system need to be confident in the security of the program.  Server encryption, Encrypted data transmission, use of unique user names and strong passwords along with multiple data centers containing redundant hardware should provide for a safe and reliable service.
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