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Archive for December, 2009

Finally some good news for 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

With the constant negative news about the economy and over dramatization of the world ending by the media it is nice to share some good news at the end of this year with you. This year EADOC has added 40 new contracts and 38 new clients to the EADOC application in 2009. EADOC clients are reporting tremendous costs savings in the form of reduced staff time on projects, reduced printing and shipping costs and tremendous reductions in document turnaround time. Not only are EADOC clients saving money but they are also helping the environment at the same time making the EADOC a must have tool in these difficult economic times. Another positive note is we have seen a tremendous pickup in the number of projects requests EADOC features be enabled for tracking ARRA funding sources and the buy America certifications. With the Feb deadline fast approaching for many of these projects to start we, are looking forward to a very busy start to the new year for ourselves and our clients.
From the EADOC team we wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

Risks Of Using Email For Project Communication

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

J. Kent Holland wrote a great article in his monthly Construction risk report about discovery of electronic information. Electronic Discovery Requires Cooperation between Opposing Counsel The article focused mostly on which emails between a CM(Hill International) and their client were admissible based on the keywords within the emails. Because the CM was using general email for project communication where each email could not be differentiated between Hill’s multiple clients. The courts had to severely restrict the clients keyword ESI search to not expose emails from other Hill clients. Had the cm and client used a collaborative project management system for all communication then all communication for that clients projects would have been filtered before the keywords were applied. This would have eliminated the need for the court to even intervene in the discovery process for this case. CM’s and their clients need to be careful how they communicate as this case shows their is the potential for your email to be discoverable even if they had nothing to do with the project in question.

This case is a good example of why you should consider a true collaborative project management application like EADOC instead of an Enterprise project management application(Primavera) as Hill International uses. With a true collaborative application all information including communication is kept with each individual project eliminating the potential for discovery to cross project communication lines.

Final Step in going paperless- Getting rid of the printers

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

A couple weeks ago I was talking with one of our clients about how they were able to achieve their objectives of going completely paperless on their project. They said the biggest key to success was getting rid of the printers in their project office. The client said it was the only way to break the bad habit of their users constantly printing project documents. Talk of Green benefits, cost savings, team objectives all failed to break the users tendency of clicking print. Initially after removing all the printer there were a few grumbles among the team members but after a couple weeks there was not a single complaint within the office. We realize not everyone can make this drastic change given they may be required to have wet signatures on legal documents. For these cases you may want to consider only allowing users access to printers who must print legal documents for wet signatures. Even though you may still be printing a few docs the dramatic reduction in paper, printing supplies, and printer costs will make your finance department and green team very happy.