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Connecting the Construction Industry: EADOC Advances Construction Management Software

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Connecting the Construction Industry:

EADOC Advances Construction Management Software

OAKLAND, CA (March 1, 2007) – Before the recent Bay Area tech boom, entrepreneurs Eric Law and Arnout van Kuijk identified what lies at the heart of every new technology – a void in the marketplace and the innovative ideas to fill it. Law and Vankuijk founded EADOC, a Web-based project management software for the often tech-shy construction industry.

“The difference here is the open source technology behind EADOC. This is a true Web-based application, making it accessible on any browser or computer type. It’s easy-to-use, cost effective and customizable to any construction project, large or small,” said Law.

In an industry that wastes billions of dollars each year due to poor communication and delays, EADOC supplies convenient, real-time information to keep a project on track and on time. EADOC is automatically updated monthly and can tailor its application to meet the needs of its users, which include project owners, general contractors, architects, designers, inspectors, construction management firms and engineers.

On a recent City of Emeryville Public Works Department breakwater project, EADOC enhanced communication and overall efficiency. In only eight months, the project required driving hundreds of piles, pouring 720 feet of fishing pier and rebuilding a windsurf/kayak launching ramp. Maurice Kaufman, Emeryville’s senior civil engineer, said EADOC eliminated the paper trail that usually plagues public works projects.
“In the past, we’ve faxed or mailed or used FedEx overnight to communicate through huge documents, but with EADOC, everything is automatic,” explained Kaufman. “You can be at home and get right into the application.”

Having never used a product of its kind in his 17 years at the department, Kaufman called EADOC “intuitive.” He was also impressed by EADOC’s ability to handle the submittal process and memos flying back and forth through his City of Emeryville email account. Kaufman added, “Suddenly, you have an entire project at your fingertips.”

EADOC provides a fast, secure, easy to use Web-based project management application that reduces construction delays, rework, and overhead costs. With unlimited users, a project team gains instant access to all the information communicated from design through construction. For more information, visit